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Meat on the Stone

Our meats are chosen in detail so that you have an experience and taste from another world. From aged meets to a wide selection of dishes that you will remember for the rest of your life. 

The meats on the stone make it possible to cook your steak the way you want it. We can guarantee that, in addition to the experience, the taste of our meat is something you've never tasted. 

Delight yourself with us and don't forget to immortalize this moment with your smartphone camera.

More than just a burger

Handmade burguers

All our hamburgers are made in-house. That is, there is a selection of meat before it is processed and ground for our hamburgers. That way we guarantee the quality we want so much.

Flower Eat


Breakfast or lunch? If you're not sure, we have it. Our Brunch will fit perfectly! Whether it's pancakes, tapas or even a steak to go with it! Dare to try!

Organize your event with us

If you are thinking of visiting Flower Eat to organize your birthday, babyshower or any other event, please contact us. 

We will make your experience unique and memorable. Always try to book these events as soon as possible to guarantee your reservation.

A must-stop on your birthday

Flower Eat


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What our costumers say about us
Amazing service, super personalized and attentive. Super creative. Very good snacks. Great for breakfast, lunch and snacks. You can order and pick up.
Amazing experience, super attentive service, well decorated and attractive food. Congratulations to the employees for the personalized attention to the customers!
I loved it, super clean, elegant, large space, very well decorated, dedicated, attentive, very dear and organized staff, quality of service at the best. Food I can't even describe, brunch in the right proportion, freshly made, very balanced and delicious, just like the photos they share on social media.


We believe that we make a difference. We believe that perseverance ultimately prevails. 

Above all, we want the experience at the Flower Eat restaurant to be a moment you want to remember and repeat. We'll be here to make you smile again.

Opening hours

Monday to Thrusday
Friday and Saturday