Flower eat wasn't always the Flower eat.
This project has gained roots in an already existing brand called Flower!

The Flower born in 2008 flooded with dreams and the willingness to emancipate itself, would not imagine what would become in 2019 when it opened doors to the already baptized Flower eat restaurant project.

Right now, we know what is questioning you ...in 2019? You launched the project when the pandemic started? ! Crazy! Little or nothing was known about covid 19 not even how long this serious obstacle would be.

Can you imagine the film of a lifetime losing all its brightness and intensity with which it was designed, desired and enamored? ! Well, we think the same thing you might be thinking about it;
Maybe it's best to give up… it's not the right time to invest in dreams! But…

1 + 1 = 12

Let's go back to 2008! At this stage, the flower eat parents have not yet partnered! I am referring to the professional partnership and let alone the most personal partnership that most of you don't know yet, – We are a couple in management!

The decision to walk on the professional project together was the result of several weights on the scale and never a simple choice. Is there anyone out there who thinks working together as a couple is easy?

Fernando agreed to take care of the flower baby and invited Cristiana to help on this path. At the time, the Cristian was completing her degree in education, and at the same time, she was working to pay for her studies.

It is true, we are talking about early life starts well " taken away from irons" to climb the mountain and see the horizon as clear as it is now.

And what was the flower baby?
The typical village coffee with 2 stores!
2 stores, 2 entrances, 2 counters, a kitchen with 1 square meter and a game hall!
We've been this and we're grateful for this past.


It was in this flower that we evolved from coffee to pastry… from a very basic pastry to a pastry with differentiated and confection products with extreme quality. It triggered the search and concretization of dishes that would stand out for their unique flavor;

In 2017 we decided to give the house a new wardrobe. The products and the rats were incredibly good but it didn't help but look like coffee. We renew and expanded!

At this point, they're already drooling through our pancakes, were alredy covered kilometers for our crepes and they've already said that our "Francesinha especial" deserved to be proven by a world that didn't even know we were going to exist!


Obviously, the predictable questions arise:

How to value and evolve our brand? How do we make us stand for our products in a village?
How to create an image that finally characterizes us and defines us such and which we imagine and deserve to be recognized?


O Flower eat começa aqui a ser desenhado com tinta irreversivelmente passível de ser apagada.

  • We had a lot of doubts on the way, but by 2019 we already knew what we wanted.
  • Make our house our image!
  • Making Flower eat our mirror!
  • Our soul recognized in every detail, in every nook, in every smile of who we trust to deliver this project!
  • We were objecting a service that through their details would take and deliver love to the soul of those who visit us.
  • A gastronomic and visual experience that would leave in the memory of who visits us
  • It is extraordinarily good, extraordinarily striking and extraordinarily true and genuine taste.

We weren't the flower eat at this time yet, but the essence was born now, exactly with these bases, with these values, with these beatings actually of a service done with pleasure, with willingly and with delivery.


We're Agenting the renovation of…and puff. A deadly pandemic for people or for restoration fell on our shoulders, threatening to dismiss it at an almost irrecupable point.

How would it be possible to move forward now with the project of our lives? It was already silly and irreverent that it was enough to invest in the village, in a restaurant that was already speculating to work with aged meat and differentiated products.
The idea of investing in a project that comes up at 6:00 a.m. and close the door at 00:00 a.m. and keeping all services in excellent performance was already quite alialiting.
The relentless question has arisen:
Do you want to move forward with this project, even in the midst of so much uncertainty?!


It was the three longest days of our lives! It was three days when the irresponsible, unconscious but also dreamy child who slept inside us took over and leaned us to yes!

The happiest yes of our lives! But first we cry.
Seeing only foundations raised with more memory of our youth that we ourselves steals us all the certainty we had and gives us back our fears.


We wiped the tears with the blood from the pandemic and reopened with the conditions she had to offer.

They say we're an inspiration, that we're a history of overcoming, maybe, but we confess that before we are, it gives fear, fear it will play!

There was an unexplained strength coming from our entrances, there was an increasingly intense will, there was sweat, there was confidence, there was a willingness to prove that we could and there was enough balance in the moments of heartfelt to move forward with what was already working!

There were tears of sadness, there were so many others of joy for each achievement. There were smiles and laughter of success! The best and most tasty laughter ever!


We're Flower Eat finally.
We are all we have always dreamed of the presumably evolution we will have year after year! You know why? We're already Flower Eat! We are inconformists and we are already maturity.


  • resilience
  • children of work
  • persistence
  • stubbornness
  • change
  • transformation
  • hope
  • trust
  • calm
  • Patience
  • irreverance
  • guts of dreams

The sum of all these words written in our DNA resulted in admiration, respect and recognition of your part.

Everyone wants to go through the sharp wrinkles of reaching us!
There are already miles to be proven whether what is transmitted on social media is real!
Everyone has already scheduled the mandatory stop on your birthday!


  • We're a lot of spoiling on your birthday!
  • We are true, such and what all our plants that welcome it and cozy in every corner of our space.
  • We are memory, history, creativity emotion and action!
  • We are a reception coming from the door to your table
  • We're the pulling out of the chair to sit down
  • We are the unparalleled gastronomic and sensory journey
  • We are the friend advice for the right plate at the right time
  • We are the constant smile that accompanies you on your visit
  • We are sophisticated and elegant environment
  • We are the visit to our interactive and extraordinary quality bottles
  • We are the detail of your name written on the dishes
  • We're the rocket your hand holds
  • We're the team that sings his congratulations and rings the bell with a penetrating tone.
  • We are dishes, glasses and cutlery meticulously selected for the best experience
  • We are dishes with life and soul as they come to you
  • We are the photo on the world's most Instagramable wall
    And more importantly, it.
  • We're the most battaling, dedicated and professional team you'll meet


Taking care of those who sit at our table is the greatest proof of nurturing, offering and receiving love!
For our professionals, it's not just about satisfying your appetite, it's about making that moment magical and memorable!

The secret is to work with pleasure! We take our time and mix the affection and pleasure that gives us to receive the gratitude of those who receive this affection.
Whoever visits us feels all the feeling transferred to food and to the empratulation details!


Thank you who choose to be happy in our house! With us! Through our dishes and our positive energies!

We know that our words seem to be a clichê but we find no other way to describe our space and truth without touching the expressions: offering love; offering quality; offering brutal professionalism; offering soul; offering life! The secret is never to pick up the deck!


Did you know...

  • The name Flower eat had already been conjectured long before you even imagined this project?
  • The new project was born in 2019 and around 2014 we had already imagined that if one day there was a possibility of transformation, it would be called Flower Eat.
    By adding the word Eat, we covered the new valences that could be incorporate into our concept and which basically reflect the action of “eating" at any time of the day!
  • Did you know that every day we harvest the edible flowers, the coolest microgreens and the vegetables planted, too by us, in our hort?
  • Did you know that on your birthday the team would be enlist to sing your congratulations?